Welcome to Conxtion

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Supporting your business

The right service, at the right service and the right price……….

We provide support and solutions to meet your day to day business requirements and also help to make that difference when you try something new.  

Our work with start ups and SMEs has helped them grow and diversify both nationally and internationally.


Most companies have the standard employment admin such as contracts, staff handbooks, policies and procedures but we provide more…

We provide disciplinary and grievance support, training, support to business owners and manager to deal with long term illnesses and metal health issues.  Your employees are cogs that drive your business and and such looking after them means they look after your business, Conxtion can help you to ensure you are the best employer you can possibly be.

Business Support

The day to day business operations is something that can take up the time of directors and managers and becomes something that can prevent growth and sometimes means you end up spending money you don’t need to spend.  In the past year we have saved our clients over £125,000 just by reviewing their supply contracts and ensuring they have the right things in place to prevent over spending.

Many of our clients have grown and gained clients outside of the UK, we have worked with the UKTI on their behalf and gained funding of more than £60,000 to help them with flights, accommodation and costs towards exhibitions and conferences in countries such as: Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Finland and Mexico.

We also help with other things such as Health & Safety, ISO-9001, Travel and Accommodation, Company Secretarial and NED duties, as well as any other problems, or issues just give us a call.


We work with Leap2 Training to provide a wide range of professional development training courses throughout West Yorkshire.